60 Minute Massage

One full hour of relaxation!

A 60 minute massage session is a great way to get general therapeutic attention to all parts of the body or specific attention to a few focus areas. It's also just the right amount of time to try out a few different therapies and treatments to see what suits your needs.

Select from our list of available therapies, or consult with our therapists about your goals (pain relief, relaxation, etc.) and let them help you decide.

Sessions consist of table massage (lying clothed, or disrobed and draped with a sheet or towels). 

Aromatherapy, reflexology and hot stones are always available at no additional charge.

Our 60 minute Swedish Massage is probably the most popular choice of clients new to massage as well as clients looking primarily for relaxation.

For clients desiring specific attention to one or more focus areas in addition to a full body relaxation experience, we recommend a 90 minute massage session.


60 Minutes